Acupuncture for Insomnia: How to Wake Up Feeling Vibrant and Rested

Feb 22, 2021Acupuncture Treatments Miami, Blog

Did you know that you can live longer without food and water than without sleep? Sleep is inextricably connected to all parts of our lives — and it is probably the most important necessity your body requires. Insomnia occurs when you have trouble falling or staying asleep when you go to bed. You might wake up multiple times throughout the night and not be able to go back to bed, or wake up feeling exhausted. If your lack of sleep is interfering with your daily routines and life, it might be time to consider acupuncture for insomnia.

Why is Restful Sleep So Important?

While you sleep, you are detoxifying, regenerating, and resting your body. A chronic lack of sleep means your body will not function properly during the day. You may already be experiencing concentration problems, memory issues, stress, anxiety, or issues controlling your emotions. For instance, many people find that they feel fidgety, angry, or irritated when they do not sleep well.

What Causes Insomnia?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are numerous diagnoses that can lead to insomnia. These are the most common:

#1: Stress and Depression

Stress and depression can result in liver Qi stagnation. This Qi is the life force that flows through your liver system. It helps to circulate your blood and move your Qi throughout your entire body.

Long-term liver Qi stagnation can turn into a fire, which rises upwards and disturbs your heart and spirit, leading to poor sleep. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart controls the mind — when a flame attacks your heart, your heart attacks your mind in turn. This leads to stress, depression, and insomnia.

#2: Unhealthy Diet

Naturally, the food you eat affects your stomach and digestive system. By consuming unhealthy foods, you are essentially feeding your body unhealthy energy. If your stomach Qi is not settled or balanced, your stomach will not let you sleep peacefully.

#3: Weak Body Constitution

You might have a weak constitution for a number of reasons, including a long-term chronic illness. Ultimately, however, this results in kidney yin deficiency. If your yin is deficient, you won’t be able to rest or sleep. Yin is the opposite of yang. They nurture, nourish, and move each other. That’s why you need a balance of both to be in equilibrium.

#4: Overthinking or Overworking

Overthinking and overworking impair the heart and spleen, leading to blood deficiencies. These deficiencies mean your brain cannot be nourished, which does not allow your body and mind to relax. Additionally, your body will not be able to process, digest, or access nutrients in the stomach, adding to more instability in the body — and more insomnia.

Curious About Acupuncture for Insomnia?

At Mind & Soul, we support treating your body as a whole. We want to approach your treatment holistically so that you can function at your best.

Interested in a blended approach of Western and Traditional medicine? We can accommodate your needs with a flexible combination of acupuncture for insomnia and psychiatry.

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