How Cell-Based Regenerative Therapies Rejuvenate the Mind and Body

Aug 23, 2021Blog

cell based regenerative therapies to restore your mind and body

Our clinic has recently begun to offer cell-based regenerative therapies to provide our clients with relief for some of their most life-altering symptoms. Generally speaking, these cell therapies are anti-aging treatments meant to boost your physical health and vitality—but the benefits go far beyond that. Curious about their effectiveness? Our post will cover the basics of cell therapy and how it can help you.

What is Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy involves the injection of embryonic cells to repair and rejuvenate your body. Your practitioner will administer these injections directly into your muscles.

How Do Cell-Based Regenerative Therapies Help You?

This anti-aging treatment can help with a variety of different conditions, whether you have been formally diagnosed or you are experiencing issues with fatigue, memory loss, or headaches. However, prevention is always a better measure—you may choose to undergo cell therapy to be proactive about fending off disease.

Treat Age-Related Diseases

Many people see brain fog, forgetfulness, and chronic pain as a normal part of aging. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Cell therapy is specifically designed to help reverse the biological age of your cells, including those in your immune and endocrine systems.

Improve Your Immune Function

As your body ages, your immune system’s ability to fend off disease wanes as well. Our therapy injections improve your adrenal function and support the function of cells in your intestinal lining—cornerstones of a healthy immune system.

Alleviate Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue

In the case of both adrenal and chronic fatigue, your body’s stress response system is not as active as it should be. You may not produce the amount of cortisol and adrenaline you need to function properly, leading to long periods of exhaustion. But an injection filled with endocrine system cells can help improve the function of your system and play a role in alleviating your fatigue.

The #1 Benefit of This Treatment

You are helping to treat the root cause of your condition! Instead of hiding your symptoms through medication, your injections address the source of your issues at the cellular level, whether that is your immune system, endocrine system, hormones, or other factors.

Cell Therapy vs. Stem Cell Treatment

One large misconception about cell-based regenerative therapies is that they are the same as stem cell treatments. While they appear quite similar on the surface, cell therapy actually uses more mature cells, which can develop into specific organs and tissues. Stem cells are not particular to any organ—they can develop into heart, lung, or skin cells (among many other kinds). Unlike stem cell therapy, you can inject these mature cells in any muscle. No matter where you first inject them, these cells will reach their respective organs.

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