Cupping Therapy, Pain Management, and Mental Health: How This Simple Treatment Helps

Nov 19, 2020Acupuncture Treatments Miami

Cupping Therapy, Pain Management, and Mental Health: How This Simple Treatment Helps

During the pandemic, all of us have been dealing with several new challenges. For more than half the year, we have been staying home for longer periods of time and sitting for longer in non-office spaces. This has led to an increase in body pain and a sense of isolation, leading to depression, anxiety, and stress. Not to mention, the holidays are coming up — this can pile more stress onto your plate. Your body affects your mind and vice versa. That is why many are turning to cupping therapy as a treatment for different areas of the face and body. This treatment helps release pain and tension in your muscles, potentially helping migraines, stress, and mental health conditions. Pinpoint the root of your pain and the benefits of cupping therapy below.


What Causes Pain?

Many of us already deal with poor posture and uncomfortable back pain sitting in office chairs all day. A lot of us lived sedentary lifestyles before the global pandemic in our midst. Being cooped inside has worsened the issue in several ways.


Uncomfortable Seating

Take into account that many workers do not have dedicated office spaces in their homes. That means they are working on the sofa, in dining room chairs, and on the kitchen counter. A lot of that seating is uncomfortable since it is not made to be an office space. Even if you feel fine in the moment, your back is probably not aligned properly.


No Bodily Alignment

When one part of your body is out of balance, so is the rest of you. If you deal with back aches, you likely also deal with the resulting neck and shoulder pain. All that tension hinders proper blood flow to your head, giving you headaches or making it difficult to focus. This can lead to insomnia and other mental health conditions. This often hinders your productivity.


Stress and Angst

Understandably, many are feeling stress during this time. You might feel anxious and uncertain about the future. Worrying is a big contributor to the physical tension in your face and body muscles. For others, the isolation has worsened their symptoms of depression and anxiety, leading to more physical pain.


How Can Cupping Therapy Help?

In a cupping therapy session, your practitioner will place cups on your skin that create a suction force. This suction stimulates proper blood circulation in the areas that it is present. It should not feel painful. You might find dark red marks after the session is done. Do not worry — these marks are not bruises or painful. It is a sign that the therapy is working to bring blood to those areas. Some individuals do not experience red marks because they have proper circulation already. The marks usually go away within three to five days.

There are several different techniques that your practitioner might use, depending on your individual needs and limitations. For instance, your practitioner might combine cupping with acupuncture, another stress-releasing therapy.

You might not be a candidate for cupping therapy if:

  • You have compromised skin. While mild face cupping may benefit rosacea, it is not suitable for other conditions
  • You have blood issues, such as coagulation problems


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