Are You a New Parent? Here’s How We Can Make Life Easier

Sep 16, 2019Psychotherapy and Counseling Miami

There’s no doubt about it — life as a new parent can be pretty overwhelming? Of course, your little bundle of joy makes it all worth it. Seeing the first little smiles or feeling her tiny fingers close around yours is an indescribable experience that you’re sure to appreciate for many years to come. 

At Mind and Soul Therapy, we’re big advocates for the benefits of counseling. That’s why we are proud to offer individual and group therapy sessions in Miami and the surrounding areas that are designed to meet you where you are. We saw the need for such a group for new and expecting mothers, and we’re happy to say that the results we’ve seen have been nothing short of amazing — just like the journey towards being a mother! 

New moms could use some support, and we think our groups are the perfect place for guidance. You’ll also connect with other new moms, and that is an invaluable resource to have. Is a support group right for you? Keep reading to learn more!

Support Groups for New and Expecting Mothers

Whether your little one is collicky, has trouble breastfeeding, or won’t stop hiccupping, there are plenty of concerns for new moms. Add in the fact that you’re recovering from a major physical event (giving birth is a big deal!) and it can all feel nearly impossible to handle on your own. 

If you’re lucky, you have the support of a partner, friend group, or family — and even then it can be a lot to handle! 

Allow us to say one thing: you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed! This is normal, and it’s part of the process. Things do get better and easier as time goes on, but you could use some help and support along the way.

Here’s How We Help

Although we don’t offer medical advice, we do offer you the ability to go on your journey with companionship. In many instances, simply hearing that other new parents are having the same issues you are can be reassuring. As we mentioned above, there are plenty of things that you’re probably worrying about. The good news is that everything will work itself out.

We offer both individual and group therapy sessions, so whether you are intrigued by the idea of psychotherapy or you’ve seen the benefits of counseling firsthand, we think you’ll love our support groups. As the old saying goes, many hands make lighter work. Whether the hands are from a counseling session with a member of our team or a large group of new moms who can support you and shower you with affirmation, we think you’ll love what you find at Mind and Soul Therapy.

We’re Here For You On Your Journey

Being a parent is a journey. Whether your little one is on the way soon or already here, we’d love to be a part of the process, lightening your load a little bit along the way.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!