Does Acupuncture Really Work for Weight Loss?

May 26, 2021Blog

With summer coming up, we know many of you are interested in losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. While much of the advice out there concerns eating habits and exercise programs, many people are starting to ask, “Does acupuncture really work for weight loss?”

Acupuncture is not a cure-all that will make you lose weight. Like any other fitness methods, if you do not bring dedication and hard work to the table, you will not be able to lose weight. The acupuncture needles themselves do not automatically burn fat—but they are supplementary tools for your health journey.

How Does Acupuncture Really Work for Weight Loss?

As you may already know, an acupuncturist will insert thin needles into specific parts of your body. In many cases, they may complement this treatment with ear seeds—this is a type of acupuncture for your ears as they stimulate pressure points in this area.

#1: Provides an Energy Boost

Acupuncture helps stimulate energy throughout your body. If you often feel sluggish throughout the day and find that you do not have the physical drive to exercise, this treatment may help improve your blood circulation and your Qi (your life force).

#2: Helps You Absorb More Nutrients

This holistic therapy will help you absorb more nutrients from the healthy foods you are eating and eliminate any components your body does not need, such as toxins. 

#3: Hinders Compulsive Eating

Much of the time, we do not eat because we are hungry. Anxiety, boredom, and other conditions may lead you to eat compulsively. By stimulating the release of chemicals that promote relaxation, acupuncture can bring mindfulness back to your diet and suppress any cravings that come about due to anxiety.

#4: Complements Other Weight Loss Methods

This treatment is not invasive, and does not interfere with other weight loss methods. Intramuscular injections, for instance, are another type of therapy that you may combine with acupuncture to help accelerate your metabolism.

Tips for Weight Loss

1. Don’t start a diet, change your eating habits.

A diet is a temporary program with an expiration date. While you may get to your target weight in a few months, you will lose your progress once you finish your diet.

A lifestyle change is necessary to lose weight and stay healthy for a lifetime.

2. Consider your body measurements, not your body weight.

In the process of losing weight, many patients tend to weigh themselves on a scale regularly. But take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. If you are working out and gaining more muscle mass, you may see the number on the scale stay the same or go up even while your body looks more toned.

3. Use herbs that facilitate nutrient absorption, bowel movements, and metabolism.

Depending on the issues you face while trying to lose weight, your acupuncturist may prescribe you different combinations of herbs. People with GI issues, for example, may receive a specific medicinal blend made specifically to ease bowel conditions.

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Does acupuncture really work for weight loss? The answer is yes. While you ultimately need to put in the work to alter your eating habits and exercise patterns, acupuncture is a great supplementary tool that can make it easier to achieve a healthy weight.

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